We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, classic design doesn’t appear overnight. Whilst there’s definitely a case for creating a modern, fresh look, timeless interior design should never be overlooked. We’ve talked in a previous blog about the five signature looks that are standing the test of time. But, where did they come from?

Instinctive design

Interior design has been instinctive since the beginning of (construction) time. Once a home was started, the interior just became part of the process, taking shape and defining the space. It’s no wonder it has such a big impact on our psychology – it’s been with us for so long!

Architecture and interiors

Our natural curiosity soon led to more experimenting in the worlds of home aesthetics, design and construction. With that, architects were born, and took on the role of interior designers while they were at it.

The branded look

Early interior design was solely for the residences of the rich and famous – it was all about creating unique, artistic style in the home. Obviously, this hasn’t changed. What has changed is the use of interior design in commercial spaces. With department stores becoming a hit with the public, there was increasing demand for them to up the design stakes.  And so, experiential commercial interior design was born (which you can read about here).

Who were they?

Once upon a time, the go-to interior designers were architects (as we’ve said), swiftly followed by furniture makers and upholsterers. But skip ahead a century and the profession of interior designer as we know them today was born.

Where are we now?

Interior design is, obviously, an important part of the design world, whatever space you’re in. The key trends we identified in our lookbook are ever fluid at the same time as they are timeless looks; the beauty of all of them, from modern to industrial, is the impact they have on each other. No two spaces are alike, but, with the right combination and a keen eye, even the most modern spaces are timeless.

We’re all about timeless interior design, classic style and luxury aesthetics. Let us help you to discover your signature style and let your space speak for your brand for years to come. Get in touch today.

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