Coming from a RIBA-chartered background, we understand the importance of architecture to house award-winning creative design. Both disciplines must deliver environments which meet the evolving needs of people, which is why the future of design is just as important as present trends. This May, leading architecture and design bible The Architects’ Journal sat down with prominent architects to discuss the future trends of office design. Here are 5 which grabbed our attention.

Setting higher wellbeing standards in the workplace

Wellbeing is high on the agenda today, but it’s predicted to become an office standard during the build and design process. Workforces have a stronger connection to character and design at work, which will be reflected in the level of attention employers will give to mental health alongside physical health. The onus will be on attracting workers with good design and retaining them with architecture that puts the worker first.


The industrial look will be replaced by softer styles

The hard, industrial trend, sometimes dubbed the ‘London look’ will make way for creative workplaces with narrative as designers realise the value of every workplace telling its own story. While the low-cost of employing a minimal style will appeal to some, the trend will lean toward inviting and welcoming environments, perhaps even becoming more like homes in their levels of comfort.

People-driven concepts will drive design

Offices which serve to please the CEO are predicted to be gradually reoriented toward improving the lives of workers, which will be led by a greater collaboration between architects and designers and integrated technology, that will deliver employee wellbeing to a much higher degree than it is now. Teams will take the time to unpick how different office zones can provide both the aesthetics and functionality that workers need to feel satisfied at work, with a particular emphasis on how to control acoustics within open plans so that employees can enjoy both quiet zones and lively zones within a densely occupied office.


Co-working spaces will continue to thrive

The majority feel that co-working spaces will either accelerate or continue as a popular way to design the space in much the same way as they are now. Co-working spaces will serve as a necessary way to accommodate the ‘pay-as-you-go’ style of working that is likely to become a mainstay feature in business, as well as reduce the burden of high office leases for small businesses.

Designs will remain generous on space

Spaces are set to become open and interactive as work moves away from the individual to a more collaborative, social approach. Dense workspaces will be offset by an abundance of in-between areas for relaxation and exchanging ideas. The agile workspace of the future will include more chairs than people, and the quality of an environment will be favoured more than ratios. All predictions point to a less formal style of routine, where designated desks will be exchanged for communal areas.

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