Staging is one of the most exciting and creative aspects of our design process. For our creative team, it provides a perfect opportunity to promote a show flat in its best possible light, pulling together our collective expertise from the worlds of architecture, design and marketing. The following guide outlines what staging is and what’s involved to successfully sell a luxury development.


Staging is the process of presenting a new or existing development to the public, either in person or online, as part of a complete package to help launch and successfully sell the property. Effective, fully-furnished staged spaces incorporate beauty and functionality to completely transform a space from a shell into an authentic luxury interior that others can see themselves living in.

The end goal of staging a property, otherwise known as property presentation or property styling, is to sell a new development quickly for the highest asking price by attracting large amounts of interest. This makes staging a delicate and considered process to strike the right balance between the original brief and what the public will find appealing.

Staging can yield great results. Exceptional staging, however, can be the difference between sealing a deal at market price and exceeding all expectations.


Working collaboratively with you and our support team, we can very quickly understand your target audience and what they’re looking for in the luxury development market – which has its own set of standards and trends.

Thoughtful presentation is key for maximum sales potential. Tasteful furniture and a considered colour scheme enables a buyer to envision life inside the flat, but the process is as much about the original features that you can’t find anywhere else.

Collaboration is key for developing authentic show flat staging, which meets the objectives of the brief and the key requirements outlined by the client. Just as we brand a space for commercial projects, we try to reflect a client’s vision in our end result.

This requires furniture selection, creating original pieces using bespoke joinery, selecting the right fabrics and linens to bring a space to life, placing functional objects into the scheme and creating a cohesive flow through the property between rooms.


Staging for us in the luxury property sector is crucial to creating a competitive advantage. Our work involves selling a lifestyle as part of the interior design package, from conception to completion.

We work in some of the most buoyant property markets in the world, where customers are discerning and client expectations are high. Our eye for luxury aesthetics and timeless fashions sets the stage for a show flat visit or shoot, with neutral tones combined with ‘homely’ finishing touches.

For our commercial and private clients, staging serves as a blueprint for their customers around the world, sometimes before a development is ready for habitation.

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