The concept of wellbeing is not a new one, and narratives around this buzz term are familiar in a number of sectors.  With wellbeing on the top of the agenda for business owners and house buyers alike, incorporating the elements of a healthy, happy space starts with considered design. As more people look to spaces as sanctuaries for mental and physical wellness, we explore the aspects to consider to make sure your space truly meets expectations.


The way a property is built goes an incredibly long way in how we feel. At this broad level, the acoustics, lighting, air flow and layout all play a crucial role in promoting wellbeing within the space. Whilst these are obvious mood boosters, many architects and designers are also incorporating a level of complexity to their designs, encouraging people, especially office workers to get active and move around the building throughout the day. Providing seamless transitions between the inside and the outside is yet another way to ensure wellness.


Creating a space with a great corporate personality can work wonders for your business or development, but allowing some space for a sense of ownership and belonging is also vital for wellness. This helps people to feel that they have some sense of responsibility to maintain the environment at work, whilst a sense of belonging in a show home will always encourage sales. Your design should also support the corporate personality as a whole. Especially in working environments, a bespoke, individual space will encourage interaction and support a positive company culture. The result: a great business personality and happy, well-organised and collaborative employees.


The senses are vital when it comes to interpreting and understanding environments, and this can play a big role in mood and physical wellbeing. Plenty of natural light and calming colours are two crucial elements that contribute to good moods, creativity and productivity when it comes to work. Designing spaces to reduce noise also decreases stress levels and improves concentration.


Sustainability and wellbeing have become more linked in recent years, and eco-friendly practices are just as beneficial to people as they are to the environment. Increasing green space is just one way to boost both, and has also taken off when it comes to design trends this year, both inside and out. Not only are plants a great way to boost mood and add colour, they also improve air quality, leading to better concentration for employees.

Whether you’re looking to improve a corporate space or develop the perfect luxury show home, wellness is a factor that shouldn’t be ignored. Every project is important to us, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss how you can create a sanctuary of wellbeing for clients and employees alike.

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