It has become a running joke that we head to the gym at the turn of a New Year, only to never go back a few months later. Popular franchises report huge spikes around the festive period of more than 40%, then see a drop off by March. With high rents and competition in the leisure industry at an all-time high, business owners are investing in quality design to retain new members.

State of the UK Fitness Industry in 2017

Growth in the UK health and fitness industry shows no signs of slowing. According to the 2017 State of the UK Fitness Industry Report this summer, 1 in 7 people are members of a gym, which equates to a 14.9% penetration rate. The number of UK facilities has increased by 4.6% in the past 12 months, boosting market value by 6.3%. Competition in the sector, combined with cyclical retention challenges, means that the gym is a space that shouldn’t be forgotten when it comes to design.

4 musts of successful gym design

Building customer trust and interest

We love interior design for its versatility and flexibility so businesses can align their branding with the services they provide. Considering your whole client base, from new members looking for a welcoming, supportive environment, to established gym members searching for class variety and physical challenges is key. Detail-led design demonstrates that you care about the needs of customers in a way that is tailored to them. If customers feel valued, they’re more likely to build trust and turn a short-term resolution into a long-term membership.

Enhancing the customer journey

Great gym design is often a differentiating factor in a competitive sector. Think of how you want your clients to feel inside your space and how they naturally interact whilst there. For example, a calming and comfortable scheme in a changing room to make clients feel relaxed followed by a striking and bold design in the gym to keep clients interested and motivated. Good design is there to lend a guiding hand, whatever your customer journey.

Developing a comfortable environment

It takes a lot for us to feel comfortable and motivated in a completely alien environment.  Our wellbeing is closely connected with the environment around us. Plenty of design elements shape our response to a space, from the right lighting and colour scheme to a considered layout which eases our journey around a space. High-quality gym design extends further by considering what clients will need when engaging in physical activity. Ventilation, suitable temperatures and clean, maximised space are all musts that customers expect.

Maintaining day to day practicalities  

Beautiful design is always complemented by the much-needed day to day practical elements that you need to run a successful business. Assume that most new members coming into the gym are new to the equipment and facilities at a gym. Many will need some guidance to feel comfortable in the space. Just as lighting plays a massive role in positioning a brand and its key products in a retail space, designers can stage a gym in a way that makes it accessible and practical for users so that they look forward to coming back.


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