Welcome to Spot This Space: a creative company with an eye for classic design, timeless fashions and bespoke features to create truly unique branding for any project.

Founded by architect and interior designer Gabrielle Omar, Spot This Space has quickly become an award-winning interior design provider of choice for clients around the world.

Bespoke interior design can have a huge impact on your frame of mind and business environment, from the way your employees feel during the week, to how well your space and your company are perceived by others. Design is a vital element to a brand’s presence on an industry stage. A measured approach to office, development or retail design should integrate your core USPs and key requirements, which is why our expert team work collaboratively with clients to create environments that are tailored down to a T.

Spot This Space specialise in creating bespoke, branded interiors for corporate and private clients. Above all else, our aim is to design, deliver and create award-winning spaces that our clients will love. We have worked with some of the world’s most successful industry clients and private clients globally, applying our abilities to develop exciting and fresh environments

The right balance between functionality and flair is key for promoting productivity and efficiency, inspiration and drive. From show homes and marketing suites to offices, retail spaces, and gyms, no space is undeserved of design details that impress and evoke a sense of pride. We can manage your project in its entirety, or on a design consultancy basis, depending on what suits you best.

Our concept-to-completion package can be cut up and mixed around to suit your needs. Our expertise extends beyond interior design to encompass the whole marketing mix to help launch and sell your luxury development.


We’ve told you about us, now we would like to hear from you. Every job is important to us, so please don’t hesitate the call us on +442079657113, or email us at  

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